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EP15 - The Centre for Jewish Holidays


We are joined by Lior Lekner for a conversation about Jewish culture and the important work of the Center of Jewish holidays, situated at Kibbutz Bet Hashita.

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EP14 - Anarchism and the Kibbutz


A compelling conversation with James Horrox, who describes the kibbutz experiment as the closest example of living anarchism history has ever seen

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EP13 - Alliances on the Left in the Age of Populism


How do we view our elected leaders? What alliances must be fostered by the left? What happened to the moral imperative of valuing truth? These are just some of the questions explored by Prof Eva Illouz in the latest episode of the Kol He'Chalutz podcast.

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EP12 - Jewish Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War


Ep12 features a conversation with Martin Sugarman, an expert on the Jewish volunteers who traveled to Spain in the mid 1930's in order to fight fascism. We hear about their motivations and how the fight over the narrative of how they are being remembered

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EP11 - Talmud, Feminism & Aya Napa


Professor Ruhuma Weiss talks the Talmud, Judaism, feminism and the notion of justice. She also manages to share with us some of her poetry.

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EP10 - Digital Technology: Pedagogical Dilemmas during the Pandemic


Digital technology is experiencing an unprecedented exposure in terms of its utilization for long-distance learning whilst our schools are closed. We talk to Dr Jared Matas, with many years of experience in the field.

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EP09 - Marxist Interpretation of Jewish History


Tom Navon shares his knowledge of Jewish Marxists and their take on Jews as a people and / or a class

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EP08 - The Davar Newspaper


Enjoy our latest episode, where we talk to Miryam Holtzman, founder and operations manager of the newspaper Davar in English.

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EP07 - The Paris Commune


Ilya Erenburg, the Jewish revolutionary, who became the public voice of the Soviet Union, wrote a book of short stories called Thirteen Pipes. Here we present a reading of one of those stories, Pipe Two, which paints a vivid picture of Paris at the end

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EP06 - Old Kibbutz New Kibbutz


We welcome James Grant-Rosenhead to our podcast to talk about both the classic kibbutz and the burgeoning new kibbutz movement.

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