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EP08 - The Davar Newspaper


EP08 - The Davar Newspaper

Enjoy our latest episode, where we talk to Miryam Holtzman, founder and operations manager of the English-language newspaper, Davar.

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EP07 - The Paris Commune


Episode seven sees a departure from our regular format. It consists of a reading of a short story by written by Ilya Erenburg about the Paris Commune

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EP06 - Old Kibbutz New Kibbutz


We welcome James Grant-Rosenhead to Kol He'Chalutz, where we talk about the more than 100 year history of the anarcho-syndicalist communal kibbutz movements.

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EP05 - The Culture Movement


During Pride month, we get to hear from Hadas Goldman, artist, feminist, DJ, actor, organizer and founder of the Culture Movement.

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