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EP07 - The Paris Commune


Episode seven sees a departure from our regular format. It consists of a reading of a short story by written by Ilya Erenburg about the Paris Commune

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EP06 - Old Kibbutz New Kibbutz


We welcome James Grant-Rosenhead to Kol He'Chalutz, where we talk about the more than 100 year history of the anarcho-syndicalist communal kibbutz movements.

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EP05 - The Culture Movement


During Pride month, we get to hear from Hadas Goldman, artist, feminist, DJ, actor, organizer and founder of the Culture Movement.

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EP04 - Jewish Renewal


Bria Gray joins Gabe in conversation for our latest episode of Kol He'Chalutz. This time we're talking about Jewish renewal and how we can take ownership over our Jewish expression

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